One-on-one coaching

For athlete-specific, one-on-one coaching, Matt offers the following programs:
Competitive Edge Coaching Program
Matt can help you 1-on-1 on your athletic journey to help forge your mental toughness and dive into specific issues you might be facing. We will utilize and break-up the hours in each coaching package in a way that is most beneficial for you and your growth.
"Unleash Your Mental Toughness" Coaching Program
This 10-session program takes your athlete through 10 key mental toughness concepts on their journey to peak performance, including the power of routines, visualization, building your dream team, and setting goals, among many others. This program includes 10-45 minute sessions with Matt Phillips and the athlete (one-on-one) over the phone or Skype. It also includes Matt's "Unleash Your Mental Toughness" Workbook, THE guide to mental toughness both on and off the field.
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Team coaching

If you would like Matt to work with your team on mental toughness and leadership, contact us today and Matt can build a program just for you and your athletes. This is a customized approach, built for your athletes and sport, and can be delivered in person or virtually.
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"Matt has given me the mental coaching everyone needs in order to succeed not only in your sport, but in all aspects of your life. His guidance helped me find ways to make the best of every situation and kept me accountable in knowing what I can and cannot control. With his help I find myself mentally maturing as a man right before my own eyes, extremely optimistic about what the future holds." 
- David (College Baseball Player)
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