As an elite athlete, you must crave knowledge, always seeking that edge over your competition. I hope you are all “Insiders” with us here at Pro Athlete Advantage (if not, CLICK HERE), but if you want to go deeper into your learning, then you will absolutely love the workbooks and books that I have listed below.


Unleash your mental Toughness - for athletes

Do you want more confidence in your sport? Do you want to play better under pressure? Do you want to develop the key habits, behaviors, and actions to take your athletic performance to the next level both on and off the field? Do you want to be mentally tougher day in and day out, persevering no matter what difficulties you face? Then this is the workbook for you!

The foundation for this workbook is Mental Toughness! It is Mental Toughness that helps you play at your peak and gives you that edge when you need to persevere! It is Mental Toughness that will help you reach your full potential!  

You can work through this workbook on your own, have Matt Phillips personally help you or your team (CLICK HERE to contact Matt), or even purchase the Facilitator Guide for this workbook, allowing you to help your team form these same mental toughness habits and behaviors.  

Only $9.97 per book!
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Unleash your mental Toughness - for athletes (facilitator guide)

FACILITATOR GUIDE FOR “UNLEASH YOUR MENTAL TOUGHNESS - FOR ATHLETES. For coaches and administrative staff, this facilitator guide will allow you to teach your sports team and athletes the habits, behaviors, and actions that lead to great mental toughness. If you want to take your team through this, pick up this FACILITATOR guide as it will walk you through how to properly teach these techniques! You can make a big impact on your own team!

Only $9.97 per book!
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Unleash your WINNING ENvironment - power notebook

If you are seeking that learning mindset and want to take the steps to move forward in your sport or life, you need the tools to help you do just that. That’s why I created the Power Notebook! This tool will help you unlock your potential, and if you choose to utilize this tool to it’s full potential, the impact will be powerful. The Power Notebook will allow you to reflect and ask the right questions each week of the year to expand your awareness and opportunities.

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Discovery: How to Become a Champion in Business and Life 
by Matt Phillips and Ruben Gonzalez

Becoming a "champion" is neither about money, nor about power. It is about a belief that we can be a champion in everything we do, from the simplest things at home or on the sporting field to the most complex business transaction. It is about approaching each part of our life with an unwavering focus and dedication to do the best we can with what we have been blessed with. It is about taking advantage of our talents and working as hard as we can to maximize whatever we are trying to do. It is about being able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and say, "I gave it all I had today." 

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