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JANUARY 27, 2018
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It’s no secret that helping your clients achieve great results leads to more client engagement, more customers sticking around for the long haul, and a stellar reputation that your training is the best in town. 

But it’s also no secret that to get results like that, you’ve got to have a ‘secret sauce.’ This secret sauce is way more than epic workouts or a certain number of reps -- it’s actually knowing how to help your clients motivate, push past their limits, and get strong. 

Now, you probably already know how to push past your own limits and dig deep. Maybe that’s what even got you into this business in the first place. 

And you probably also know that world-class athletes and Olympians achieve top performance because they train as much mentally as they do physically. You know they use tools like visualization, goal setting, emotional control and positive self talk – even focusing on strengthening self confidence – right along side their training, coaching and workouts. (Maybe you’ve used some of these tools in your own workouts and training). 

But what you may not know is how to systematically work with your fitness clientele to help them develop their inner determination, confidence, and grit. 

That’s what Mental Toughness is all about. 
A simple system to help you train your clients’ minds

Mental toughness is this special sauce -- the key ingredient to take your clients from good to great. 
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"Since going through your Mental Toughness program (now three months since finishing the program), we have seen a 25% increase in membership and a 49% increase in client engagement (people showing up to work out)."
- Alex, Crossfit Owner

There are 4 core areas of Mental Toughness: 
  1. Focus - Train your clients to focus on the right things at the right times. If they want to perform at their peak, they must be intentional and purposeful. Train them to focus on the #1 area or task that will give them the greatest benefit. What’s the focus for this week? For this set of reps? For this workout?
  2. Confidence – Learn how to support your clients’ pride in the person they see staring back at them in the mirror. This means 100% Self Belief! How do you model and develop this attitude in your clientele? And how do you set up your program so they discover -- through their own hard work -- a sense of victory and accomplishment?  
  3. Control - The best of the best know how to master their emotions and channel them into positive, forward-moving, momentum generating action. In ways large and small, train your clients to condition and channel their emotions and learn how to use them to reach their goals (instead of taking them further away from what they want). 
  4. Perseverance – When you get knocked down, get back up. Every time, no exceptions. Your clients come to you because they want a breakthrough in their strength, conditioning or fitness -- and what they learn from you here will serve them in the rest of their lives. This is about sticking with it, even when ordinary people would give up.  
How does Mental Toughness help your business?

Combined with great physical workouts, adding a Mental Toughness program will systematically support all your clients in breaking through the mental roadblocks that come up when you push their physical limits.
This will set you apart from other trainers and other gyms. Think about it. Their idea of motivation is an inspirational poster in a locker room. But when you have a method for developing inner strength, positive attitude, and determination in every client who walks through your doors, it will set you apart. Mental Toughness is the differentiator.

Bottom line, I want you to have happier, focused, and more confident clients. I want the word to get out about your clients’ great results. And I want your clients to stick around longer, be more engaged, and tell their friends they’ve got to check you out. 

Sound good? Awesome. Then join us for an upcoming Mental 
Toughness Coach Certification course. 

This Level 1 Mental Toughness Coach Certification program will cover the key mental toughness and coaching topics to elevate your athletes’ performance, including:
  • Creating and challenging your coaching philosophy
  • The power of positive thinking
  • Driving results through proper goal setting
  • Visualize success to attract success
  • Building your action plan for implementation
They will be interactive, engaging, and you will walk away with a plan on how to implement mental toughness with your clients!


Matt is a speaker, author, high performance coach, and the founder of Pro Athlete AdvantageTM. He is the creator and leader of the Mental Toughness Coach Certification, a program that teaches Crossfit owners and coaches, gym managers, and fitness pros how to systematically breakthrough the mental roadblocks that naturally arise when training clients to push their physical limits. Because when a trainer, gym, or box knows how to do this, their clients stick around longer, are more engaged, and tell their friends they’ve got to check you out. (
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