If you are looking to take your performance in every area of life (business & personal) to the next level, and finally push through those barriers and frustrations that are holding you back, then you need to join a High Performance Training Squad!

Each Squad is made up of a carefully selected group of 10 business and entrepreneurial-minded leaders who come together once per month to build relationships, build mental toughness, get you out of your comfort zone, and help each other get to the next level. You have probably heard the saying that you are the average of the five people you hang out with most...and these Squads provide you an opportunity to surround yourself with amazing, driven, passionate people who want to leave a big mark on this world!  

At Pro Athlete Advantage, we introduce and deconstruct unique mindset topics and facilitate discussions with a specific focus on building your 'mental muscle' and leadership in a holistic way, focused not only on business, but every area of life.  Not only do we learn about mental toughness build habits for success, but we also incorporate workouts into our meetings (the mind feeds the body and the body feeds the mind!).  

New ‘mental toughness’ concepts and tools will be introduced with a primary focus on members presenting current challenges that are holding them back from the success that they seek, both in business and in life. The Training Squads are all about advice, counsel, and accountability, with the goal of assisting each member to accelerate personal and professional growth.We sweat together and grow together, through a combination of time spend working out together and in classroom.

These Training Squads are all about continuous improvement and stretching ourselves to see what is possible, pushing past the limits IN OUR OWN HEADS. It’s about making our results matter and our legacy count. That’s why we will come together with other like-minded individuals, getting better together!
Along with tackling member challenges, the Training Squads will deep dive into key mental toughness topics, as facilitated by Matt Phillips or another Squad Leader, including the following:
  • Understanding and building your unique personal stand/ethos
  • Unleashing the power of positive thinking
  • Utilizing visualization the right way
  • Goal setting to truly drive results
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Building your dream team
  • And many more.
Each Training Squad includes:
  • Monthly 3-hour business training sessions & workbook material
  • Holistic approach to personal and professional development (body/mind/spirit)
  • Workouts (a variety of physical activity, from Crossfit type workouts to yoga)
  • Specific challenges for each Squad member to help them uncover what's possible
  • Access to a Private FaceBook page with all other Squad members around the world
  • Guest speakers (on occasion)
  • Free workouts throughout the month focused on bringing squad members together 
Here are the summarized details:
  • # of meetings: 1x per month
  • Meeting length: 3 hours
  • Host city: Denver, CO (or virtual)
  • Specific Meeting Location: TBD by each training squad
  • Membership: $147/month
Prior to joining a High Performance Training Squad™, we interview each applicant and learn about them and their business, to ensure that they will be joining a squad that meets their specific goals and objectives, and to ensure a good fit with the our teams. If it is determined to be a good fit, the applicant will be assigned to a High Performance Training Squad™ and the fun and learning will begin!

Pro Athlete Advantage™ believes in a monthly pay-as-you-go membership model. Our goal and commitment is to ensure that you receive substantial value each month. Membership is $147.00 per month and will be billed automatically each month.
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Squad Location: Denver, Colorado, USA


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Squad Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

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