If you are looking to pump some energy and fire into your team, then Matt will come to you! Whether at the professional, college, or high school ranks, Matt would be honored to meet and speak with your athletes and coaches, all gauged on building mentally tough and leadership-focused teams, both on and off the field. 

THE VALUE?? Matt is all about changing behaviors, establishing positive habits to drive massive growth in sports and beyond.

Motivational speech topics include:
Mental Toughness is Not Just for Sports...It’s for Life!
Attendees will learn the Mental Toughness Training Tools that Matt teaches to athletes around the world. If you want to perform at your peak and maximize your team impact, it comes down to the mental game. As the great Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” It’s time to leverage that 90% in sports and life!  
  • Live Your Foundation: You cannot build a house on a weak foundation! Mental toughness is about identifying the principles, values, and behaviors that drive your daily decisions, and then being disciplined when you are tested.
  • See the Best You in the Mirror: Visualize and focus on the person you are destined to become...then act on it!
  • Focus on the Process, Not the Results: As they say in sports, if you focus on the right things, the wins will take care of themselves. When you are solutions-focused in your sport and life, the victories will come!
Unleash Your Winning Environment
Success leaves clues! Peak performance is insightful! We all have experienced success in the past, whether individually or as a team, so why don’t we leverage this more in sports and at home? Why don’t we seek to create that ideal environment that gives us the best chance for repeat success? "Unleash Your Winning Environment" will help attendees to:
  • Identify their personal peak performance from the past (key wins and successes)
  • Break down those wins and successes into the individual behaviors, habits, actions, and reactions that made them successful 
  • Learn how to bottle those behaviors and that environment, and recreate those same things time and time again to create win after win.

Examples of Matt's Clients Include:

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