If you are looking to pump some energy and fire into your coaching or fitness conference/event, or even with your coaching staff and gym members, then Matt can come to you! 

Matt truly enjoys inspiring and educating fitness trainers, Crossfit coaches, and traditional sport coaches (baseball, hockey, football, etc.) through his motivational speaking. If you are hosting a conference or other event, or if you would like Matt to even speak with your gym members, do not hesitate to reach out to Matt so that he can help build your coaches’ and fitness trainers’ mental toughness and leadership expertise!

THE VALUE?? If you want your clients and athletes to perform to their potential, you must become experts in “mental toughness”, helping each individual to discover that the impossible is truly possible, and that they can reach the goals they set!

Motivational speech topics include:
The Greatest Coaches and Trainers Invest in Mental Toughness! Do You?
Attendees will learn the Mental Toughness Training Tools that Matt teaches to fitness trainers, Crossfit coaches, and athletes around the world. If you want your team and clients to perform at their peak, it comes down to the mental game. It’s time to go deep into what “mental toughness” really means so we can unleash our athletes’ potential! 
  • It Starts with Your Philosophy: You cannot build a house on a weak foundation! If you want to influence your athletes’ lives, it starts with getting clear on your coaching philosophy, specifically identifying the principles, values, and behaviors that drive your daily decisions, and then being disciplined when you are tested.
  • The Power of Thought: Words and thoughts are more powerful than you can imagine. You want results? It begins with your self-talk!
  • Action Drives Results: Action eliminates Fear! It’s time to focus on the right things and take the steps forward to impact our athletes and get results!
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