By Matt Phillips 28 Jul, 2017
I am so pumped to release this interview...let me introduce you to the founder of Fitlosophy , Angela Mader!  Angela and I absolutely hit it off when we met a few months ago and she is one of the most passionate, driven individuals I have ever met.  

Fitlosophy's mission is to help others to "LIVE LIFE FIT", to "inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle by motivating and supporting them with innovative products, to redefine how people integrate fitness into their lifestyle, and to change the shape of our world - literally."   

That's a mission I can get behind and that truly is Angela's driving force!  This business goes way beyond's about developing people holistically...physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally!  Angela is transforming lives and her customers are transforming her.

During the interview, we cover a variety of topics, including:

  • How (and why) she started Fitlosophy
  • How she uses mental toughness to continue pushing forward
  • How life's adversity has shaped her and her business
  • Why you shouldn't compare yourself to others
  • Her personal daily routines
  • And many more
You are learning from the best of the best in this interview, so please watch it, then watch it again.  You will love this one!

Oh, and I can't forget that Angela wanted to get you something special for watching this interview, so you can go to , check out the products, and if you decide to buy one of her cool products, just use the promo code PRO15 to save 15% !!  It expires soon, so get shopping!  :)

I have included links to Angela's website/social media below, so check them out and start to Live Life Fit!!
By Matt Phillips 30 Jun, 2017

Do you ever feel like you are at your breaking point?  Ever get to this point and then, because just one more thing makes you angry, you say or do something you wish you could take back?  Every get so frustrated that you lose self-control?

First of all, you are not alone!  This is something that everyone struggles with and, if we are honest, we all have said or done something that we wish we hadn't.  Maybe it was a comment to a family member or co-worker, or perhaps something else.  Bottom line though, we acted that way because we temporarily lost self-control.

This concept of self-control got me thinking.  If we have self-control to begin with, can we build it up to become even tougher in this area?

I started to research this and came across this study from the University of South Wales that I wanted to tell you about. Oh, and I throw down a small challenge for you to start building your self-control (spoiler can build more self-control!)

Check out the video below for your Brain Hack!  Enjoy!!

By Matt Phillips 23 Jun, 2017

It's time for your weekly Brain Hack, a tool that you can implement immediately to build your mental muscle and achieve high performance!

Today's topic has fascinated me for quite some time, specifically understanding why some people are willing to give up great to settle for good.  Yes, this week's topic is all about instant vs. delayed gratification.  

We will dive deep into one key scientific study behind this concept, along with learn how to start training yourself (and your brain) on how to continue to drive to mental toughness.  After all, if we want great, it starts with sacrificing the small things that are getting in our way!

Check out the video below for your Brain Hack!  Enjoy!!

By Matt Phillips 16 Jun, 2017
So pumped for this interview!  I watched this man pitch in the major leagues when I was growing up, and it was truly an honor to spend time with him during this interview.

If you don't know about Jim Abbott, let me give you the highlights:

  • All-American pitcher at the University of Michigan
  • Pitcher for the Gold Medal USA Olympic team in 1988
  • 10-year Major League Baseball veteran (4 teams, including New York Yankees, California Angels, etc.)
  • Pitched a no-hitter with the New York Yankees!
Pretty cool, right??  Amazing accomplishments!

But...what if I told you that he did all this with only one hand.  Would you believe me?  Is it possible?

Well, that is exactly what happened!  Jim was born without a right hand and through sheer will and effort, along with a heck of a support network, he made it to the highest level of professional sports!

I learned a ton from this interview with Jim and I know you will as well!  

By the way, Jim is now a motivational speaker and still highly involved in baseball.  Awesome individual, so check out the interview below!!
By Matt Phillips 09 Jun, 2017

It's time for your weekly Brain Hack, a tool that you can implement immediately to build your mental muscle and achieve high performance!

I am especially excited for today's video because it is about a tool that the top leaders in the world incorporate into their daily routines.  We're talking Tony Robbins, Oprah, and a ton of other leaders! is something that a lot of people dismiss as soon as they hear about it!  

That's right...we are going to change your mind and body by adopting an attitude of gratitude...being thankful!  

Let me show you why the top leaders in the world adopt this action as we dive into the science behind it!

Check out the video below for your Brain Hack!  Enjoy!!

By Matt Phillips 02 Jun, 2017
This was perhaps one of the most fun, interesting interviews I have had the privilege of running, so I know you will enjoy this.  

Dr. Michael Breus has a passion for sleep...and that's why he is called The Sleep Doctor and is Dr. Oz's personal sleep coach (how cool is that!!)!  Better sleep equals boosted energy and clarity of mind, which is my world equals HIGH PERFORMANCE!

I will go through his bio in the video below, but he is a clinical psychologist who was a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow at The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31, and is one of only 163 psychologists in the world with this credentials and distinction.  Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and has made appearances on CNN, Oprah, The Today Show, among many, many others.

We cover a ton of topics, including what the true amount of sleep is that you need each night, how to prepare for a trip that crosses time zones, and he even reveals his secret weapon ... the Nap-a-Latte !  You will absolutely love Dr. Breus' energy and passion for his craft!

If you want to learn about recovering the right way through sleep (that will help your mental toughness!), check out this interview.  I have included links to Dr. Breus' book/app/social media below, so check them out and connect with The Sleep Doctor!!
By Matt Phillips 31 Jan, 2017
If you want to be the best, you learn from the best!  Meet Mike Allen, President of Air great leader!

I had the honor of interviewing Mike for my 90-Day Mental Toughness Program  that we launched at his company and just had to share this with you.  Mike has had a fascinating career, starting in the US Army and ultimately ending up in the Air Methods' President role today.  He is all about leadership, empowering his people, and he is passionate about what he does at Air Methods.  He's a pilot, he and his wife rescue dogs, he's a husband and father, and I could go on and on!  

We talked about, among other things:

  • How important mentors are in life...and how to find them
  • Figure out what you like to do, and become an expert at it
  • How to manage change in companies and life
  • Having a curious mindset
  • And on and on.
You will enjoy this interview with Mike, I guarantee it!  Check out the interview below:
By Matt Phillips 11 Jan, 2017
If you want energy, just hang around Frankie Cole for about 30 seconds and you will be filled with it!  His is one of the most passionate people I have been around and I have been blessed by getting to know him.  I had such a blast interviewing Frankie and as I will tell you in the intro, we literally just scratched the surface of his story.  

Frankie has a fascinating story. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, relocated to the United Kingdom, then found his way to the United States in the late 1980's.  He is an entrepreneur at heart...he opened and ran a successful grocery store chain in Colorado before launching his dream, Cole Fusion Fitness, which he runs today.

He is also a big time athlete.  He played cricket, football (soccer), and rugby growing up and was crowned the Mr. Colorado Natural Bodybuilding Champion in 1994.  He takes fitness seriously because he understands the benefits it can have on the body and mind.  That's why he's so passionate about his business, Cole Fusion Fitness.  If you want to be the best, train with the best.

You will learn a lot from Frankie's journey through life, how he runs his business, and trains his clients.  As you listen to his interview, pay attention to the nuggets of wisdom he shares and how you can apply them to your own life.  We talked about, among other things:

  • How to tap into potentials you never thought you had
  • We will never know what is possible unless we actually try
  • If it is given to you, you never know what its worth...but when you earn it, it's yours and you will never let it go
  • And on and on.
Frankie is a great person and I was honored to learn from him.  Check out the interview below:
By Matt Phillips 27 Dec, 2016
I had the distinct honor to hear Brad Cooper speak at a men's event a few months ago.  I knew I had to meet him and interview him!  And I am thrilled to tell his story in this interview.

Brad is the Chief Executive Officer of US Corporate Wellness, a company that he founded over ten years ago.  He is a nationally recognized thought leaders on health and wellness and has been featured in multiple publications as the "World's Fittest CEO" based on events in 2015.  

He is a 11-time Ironman finisher, a 4-time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship qualifier, and a top Masters runner.  

Let me tell you, Brad is full of wisdom and I know you will learn as much as I did.  

In this interview, we cover multiple topics, including how:
  • Coaching can truly help you
  • Iron sharpens iron
  • Looking for the next level opens your eyes to what's possible
  • Passion drives everything else
  • Tracking progress leads to big results
  • Daily, intentional focus and action is everything (#betterthanyesterday)!
Enjoy this one!  And make sure to check out the additional links below the interview.
By Matt Phillips 15 Dec, 2016
You are going to love this story!  It's about a woman who decided to take a chance in her life.  A woman who decided to step out on a limb, believe in herself, and start an incredible journey to create freedom in her life and define her legacy!

I am honored to introduce you to Tarrah Brandsma, former Certified Public Accountant turned Executive National Vice President of Arbonne International.  She wanted more out of life and she has created something incredible.

In this interview, we discussed a multitude of things, including:
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Bring intentional with your time
  • Adopting a learning mindset
  • How to set goals
  • The importance of asking for help and surrounding yourself with great people
  • How to chase the lion (listen to learn more)
  • The importance of nutrition
  • And much, much more.
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