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If you would like Matt to work with your team on mental toughness and leadership development, contact us today and Matt can build a program just for you. This is a customized approach, built for your employees and company, and is delivered live!

Leadership Philosophy Team Workshop
The fact is that if you ask leaders to describe their leadership philosophy and how they tactically put it into practice each day, most cannot tell you! This half-­day training camp helps business leaders to build their Leadership Philosophy, taking the key behaviors, principles, and beliefs that drive their leadership, and translating them into habit-­forming actions to make each person the most effective leader possible.  

"Unleash Your Mental Toughness" Team Workshop
Mental Toughness is the ‘special sauce’ that separates the good from the great! By learning to harness to tools to build confidence, focus, control, and perseverance, your employees and team will be able to reach peak performance. These half-­day workshops cover Matt’s 10 key mental toughness concepts (2­-3 per half­-day workshop), including the power of routines, visualization, building your dream team, and setting goals, among many others. 

A Special Twist on the "Unleash Your Mental Toughness" Team Workshop
Looking for something different? Want to make your team mentally tough and challenge them in innovative ways? This is not your same old team building and leadership seminar...we combine motivational in classroom training (see the “Unleash Your Mental Toughness” Team Workshop above) with a ‘Jason Bourne’ oriented counter­-espionage operation, growing mentally tough leaders like never before!

Matt has partnered with Aaron Summers, former Australian military and founder of Take Point Co. to create a leadership and mental toughness experience unlike any other. Be prepared for an experience, not just another event. This half-­day intensive is designed to improve your team’s high­-pressure decision making, outside the box thinking, communication, team bond, and focus. It can also be paired nicely with a team outing after we are done, perhaps a baseball game, paintball, or go­-cart racing.

Contact Matt today to build a customized team coaching program by clicking HERE.

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