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High-Performance Mental Toughness Training to Unlock Your Potential
At the end of the day, we all want to look back on our lives and KNOW that it was an amazing run...we realized our potential...we utilized our gifts and talents to their fullest every day...and ultimately, that we ACHIEVED exactly what we wanted to achieve!   

The truth is, though, that many people never actually reach the pinnacle of their potential, nor come close.  How could that be, you ask??
For the overwhelming majority of people, it’s not a lack of talent or a boss or a spouse that is blocking them from SUCCESS – it’s actually THEMSELVES!

You might be SELF-SABOTAGING yourself without even knowing it, all driven by NEGATIVITY, LIMITING BELIEFS, FEARS, WORRIES, and STRESS. It might be the fear of failing or of too much success, dealing the daily demands and stress of life, being afraid to get out of your comfort zone, constantly worrying about things outside of your control, struggles with prioritization,  saying "no", or many other items.

Each of these will stifle your growth and potential in business, but more importantly, in relationships, family, health, nutrition...literally every area of life!  

You might be questioning your abilities and self-worth (your worthiness for that promotion, commission, relationship, or that freedom) – ultimately placing a HUGE roadblock between YOU and SUCCESS – success YOU will NEVER, EVER EXPERIENCE, unless YOUR limiting beliefs are dealt with and crushed!
It's Time to Say "No More!"  It's Time to go "ALL-IN" 
and Take Your Performance to the Next Level!
Unstoppable Mindset: THE Mental Toughness Training Program walks you through an in-depth, science-backed, proven process to build your Mental Toughness and train your brain to SET YOU FREE of a mindset that may have been holding YOU back for DECADES!  It's time to invest in yourself, equip yourself through this training to build your mental toughness, and find out what is truly possible...to FINALLY unleash your potential!

The program consists of 6 main modules with LIVE webinar trainings, high quality PDF handouts, recorded webinars and MP3 audio downloads of all trainings, exclusive access to a private Facebook page, weekly group Q&A calls, plus amazing SURPRISE BONUSES...

THE High-Performance Mindset Coaching Program!!
6 LIVE online Webinars, In-depth PDF Handouts, Weekly LIVE Q&A coaching, EXCLUSIVE BONUSES + MORE! 
6 LIVE Online Training Webinars
Each week, join Matt on the LIVE online webinars from anywhere in the world to dive deep into each mental toughness module.  Join on your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device!
Recordings & MP3 Audio of ALL Webinars
Don't have time to sit and watch every LIVE webinar?  That's okay -- ALL webinars will be recorded and posted so you can access it anytime, anywhere.  You can also download the audio only and store it on your smartphone.
Full Color PDF Handouts
Each module is accompanied by high-quality, full color PDF handouts.  Keep all of your notes and exercises together in one place!  Reference these documents anytime you need.
EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group
Every member will get access to our private Facebook group.  Join a team of inspired, motivated, and unbelievably supportive leaders, all on their journey to mental toughness.
Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls
Take part in weekly, LIVE Q&A coaching calls with Matt.  This provides community and accountability, ensuring you fully commit to the program.  Ask anything...this is the time!
Lifetime Access 
Once you are in...you are IN!  You'll get lifetime access to the program -- and you'll also receive free updates if the course is enhanced with further modules or special features.  You'll never be left out!
It's Time to Crush Your Limiting Beliefs Once And For All...
Module 1:
Build Your Stand
In Module 1, we set the foundation for your business & life.  We will identify the principles and values, actions, reactions, and behaviors that will guide your daily decisions.  We cannot build a house on a weak foundation, so we start building something strong!
Module 2:
The Power of Thoughts
In Module 2, you'll discover that your thoughts and words are more powerful than you think.  Nothing is more detrimental to your success in life than self-sabotaging thoughts, so we will re-wire your brain to catapult you beyond your expectations! 
Module 3:
Unleash Your Routines
In Module 3, you'll discover the true power of ritual, the impact on the brain, and how...if done right...can immediately inject confidence, focus, and determination into your day!  As one client told me, this "CHANGED MY LIFE!"
Module 4:
Goal Setting Momentum
In Module 4, we will reconstruct how you set and maintain goals in every area of your life.  Goal setting is 100% about generating momentum and I will teach you the simplest, yet most powerful way, to accelerate your progress towards your goals!
Module 5:
Control Your Emotions
In Module 5, we will establish mechanisms to keep your emotions in check and driving you forward. Emotional triggers in the brain can be controlled, and we will start re-training the brain to use our emotions to our advantage!
Module 6:
"I AM" Statements
In Module 6, you'll discover the power of intention and THINKING BIG!  Not only will we dream of what we want, we will train the brain to search exactly what we're looking for...and show us the results! 
Look, I totally get it.  I am sure you are as busy as I am.  Lots of priorities, to do's, running kids (if you have them) everywhere around town, and on and on.  


YOU CAN do this program...YOU DO have the time!  

To make it easier though, I am going to send you a training on how to squeeze the most value out of your day, to free up time for the most important things!  That's the first bonus!
Now, because we are so busy, we often run low on energy.  Agree?  

Well, one thing I learned early on is the body feeds the mind and the mind feeds the body.  That means that if you eat crappy food, then your body and your mind cannot operate at a high level.  

We cannot have energy when we don't fuel our body with the right food!!!

That's why I have partnered with my wife (a holistic nutritionist) to bring you a special 3 PART training on the optimal way to fuel yourself through nutrition!
I am pumped for this bonus because we get to start quieting your mind and creating the clarity you need to see what is possible!

This bonus has three brain hacks you can implement right way to start seeing results, lowering your stress level, and increasing your self-control and discipline.

These brain hacks work for the best of the best...so why not start leveraging them in your daily routine!  
Can't wait to hack your brain!!

A Little Bit About Me - Matt Phillips
I am a speaker, author, high performance coach, and founder of Pro Athlete Advantage.  My mission is to help business leaders and entrepreneurs develop their mental toughness so they consistently perform their best, day after day and year after year. 

During my time as a professional baseball player in Austria’s Bundesliga (first league) and Division-1 baseball player in the United States, I discovered that peak performance requires a dominant “inner game”.  That means thinking and acting differently than the rest, systematically building our confidence, drive, determination, and perseverance so we can take our game to the next level.
I have become completely obsessed with the science-backed high-performance mindset, and that is why I spend my days helping leaders develop their Mental Toughness.

After my pro baseball career was finished, I went into the corporate world, working and consulting for numerous start-up and Fortune 500 companies, both in the United States and Europe, from accounting to operations to business development.  

Throughout my corporate career, I often felt stressed out, overwhelmed, and often frustrated with where I was at, always looking for the next thing.  I was not happy, felt like I was "settling" (accepting that this was just the way it was going to be)...and this mediocrity, the worries, and the stress started impacting everything in my life, from business to relationships.  

I FINALLY HAD ENOUGH!  I TOOK CONTROL!  By implementing the skills and strategies that I teach in this very program, I learned how to control my mindset, launch the business of my dreams, and take my performance (in every area of life) to the next level...and now I get to teach this to you!

I would love to work with YOU next - so please Join me!

Testimonials from Past Clients...

 “I’ve been to a lot of development classes before, Matt, but your mental toughness training is the only thing that I consistently rely upon to make me a better leader and person day in and day out." 
-- Chris (CFO)

"It changed my life!" 
-- Ari (CFO)

"Matt helped me recognize that I was limiting myself by playing it safe, and that as long as I kept moving towards my goal with intent and purpose, I'd always be a winner.” 
-- Jonella (Speaker & Coach)

"I am enjoying looking deep into myself and being surprised by some of my own thoughts and feelings.  Thank you for helping me retrieve my inner most emotions and desires."  
-- Kyle (Manager)

"Doing this has turned my whole outlook around." 
-- Lori (Executive Assistant)
Is this Program Right for You?
This program is ONLY for the most COMMITTED entrepreneurs and business leaders. Please check below to see if it is suitable for you at this time.


  • People looking to reach their next level and are ready to commit NOW!
  • People who know they can become SO MUCH MORE than they currently are...and just need the tools
  • People who are prepared to break through their limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears.
  • People who are done 'settling' and ready to find out what's truly possiblein every part of life!


  • People who like to dabble in success, but aren't committed to taking it to the next level.
  • People who feel they will never be more than they currently are. They have a 'fixed mindset'.
  • People who are not prepared to work towards becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  • People who are okay 'settling'.  They think there is no way out and are good with that.
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It's VERY simple - if you DON'T feel that you got insane value from the program - drop me an email within 30 days of purchase and I will refund you every penny. No questions asked! Well, I might ask you why, but that helps me improve. :)

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