I'm Matt Phillips...

And at Pro Athlete Advantage,
Our Mission is To Help Student-Athletes Become Stand-Out Leaders and Teach Them the Critical "Mental Toughness" Skills to Handle All of Life’s Challenges Both On and Off the Field!

That’s why we come alongside high school, club, and collegiate coaches through our Student-Athlete Leadership Program to help student-athletes thrive!  Our entire focus is building high performing athletes and teams, focused on the one true differentiator, “Mental Toughness” (because it's what happens between your ears that determines the level of success you achieve...not just having a bunch of tools).

As far as me, I am the Founder of Pro Athlete Advantage, and a High Performance Leadership & Mental Toughness Coach. I am a former professional baseball player in Austria's Bundesliga ("first league") and Division-1 baseball player at Creighton University. 

Over the past 12+ years, I have worked with professional athletes (e.g., Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs), collegiate athletes (e.g., University of Colorado, Creighton University) and high school athletes around the United States.


Coaches always ask me why and how we built the student-athlete leadership program, so let me share a story with you.  

As you know, I have worked with athletes for the past 12+ years.  Last year, I started getting a lot of random calls from parents and coaches asking if I had a program that helped develop student-athletes, to not only teach them the mental side of the game, but help them become leaders.  

Honestly, at that time, I did not.

Well, you know that saying, “When you hear the same thing three times, you should start paying attention” 

Yep…and I DID!

I decided to get a group of coaches together (boys and girls coaches, from a variety of sports) and ask them a ton of questions, with the main one being: 

“If I were to build something for coaches to use with student-athletes, what exactly would I need to build that you would actually use?”

They told me…and I built it! 

That’s the birth of The Ultimate Student-Athlete Leadership Program. 

Built by coaches…for coaches!

If you are looking for a plug’n’play model to help develop your athletes, and grow as a coach, then I invite you to check out The Ultimate Student-Athlete Leadership Program and join us today!

Here’s what coaches, parents, and athletes who have already experienced this program have to say: 

“I needed help with mental training of my athletes. I don't have the background. I don't have the time to research and do all those things and build all those things.  It's so important that kids understand and have coping skills in their toolbox when it comes to failure with relationships, school and sports.  I did ask for help, and you delivered, and it made me feel really, really good.

– Jim D.
(High School Varsity Baseball Coach)

“It's 100% worth it.  I've seen confidence in these kids that they didn't have before. I've seen commitment that I haven't seen before. I've seen team bonding that I haven't seen before and I think it's a hundred percent because of this program.”

– Evan D.
(High School Varsity Hockey Coach)

“My son is much more in the driver's seat. And not that he doesn't have the emotions, but he knows he can put them in check and just take it like a dose of reality. Like, okay, here's my couple scenarios and he can run through it and he can think it through and which is not totally normal for a 15 year old boy, so both my husband and I attribute the difference to your program.”

– Wendy
(Mother of a High School Hockey Player)

"I learned how to be a Team Captain and how to reset myself when things aren’t going my way.  I also learned how to be more consistent in a lot of different ways, like school.  Definitely do the program.”

- Jacob
🏒 Hockey Student-Athlete 🏒

“My biggest takeaway from this program was how much your mentality about the sport helps or hurts your game. It has made me become more confident in myself, in school, hockey, and my social life.  This program is a must and is very informational and helped me a lot with my game.”

- Owen
🏒 Hockey Student-Athlete 🏒

Check out The Ultimate Student-Athlete Leadership Program


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